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13/05/2024 Q1 24: a rebound is expected in the H2 Télécharger
29/04/2024 We have integrated into our model the better-than-expected FY23 results, in which EBITDA was 3% higher than our forecasts, mainly thanks to price hikes and cost management. Despite the lower volumes i Télécharger
13/02/2024 FY 23: A conservative look to the future Télécharger
08/11/2023 Q3 23: Conservative guidance Télécharger
31/07/2023 H1 23: positive price-cost spread Télécharger
28/07/2023 Cementir Holding has announced a strong set of results for H1, leading to a significant upgrade in its EBIT guidance. The company has revised its EBIT projection to around €365m, which marks a conside Télécharger
10/05/2023 Q1 23: Pricing boosts profitability Télécharger
18/04/2023 Price hikes boost the EPS Télécharger
13/02/2023 FY 22: Price hikes to manage inflation. Télécharger
13/02/2023 We have updated our model following the better than expected preliminary FY22 results. The EPS 2022 is up by €0.09 and the EPS 2023 forecast is increased by €0.08, driven by high price increases leadi Télécharger
04/11/2022 9M 22: competitive pricing but lower cost supports profitability Télécharger
28/07/2022 H1 22: IAS 29 lowers profitability Télécharger
06/05/2022 Q1 22: profitability outpacing cost inflation Télécharger
22/03/2022 We have updated our model following the FY21 results announcement. 2021 EPS is down by €0.04, the difference arising mainly from the net exchange rate losses of €13.6m. In addition, we have lowered ou Télécharger
09/02/2022 FY 21: EBITDA at all-time high level Télécharger
12/11/2021 9M 21: well managed cost inflation Télécharger
03/11/2021 Cementir Holding accelerating from grey to green Télécharger
29/07/2021 H1 21: all regions in recovery mode Télécharger
29/07/2021 Following a good set of H1 results, along with strong demand momentum and updated guidance, we have revised our estimates upwards. We now assume the FY21 revenue and EBITDA to be €1.35bn and €297m res Télécharger
06/05/2021 Q1 21: growth momentum continues Télécharger
16/03/2021 Following the group's full FY20 results, we have updated our model to incorporate the better than expected results. While FY20 EBIT was in-line with our expectations, the EPS was up by €0.10 because o Télécharger
10/03/2021 FY20 results - a Turkish Delight Télécharger
08/02/2021 Following the group's preliminary FY20 results, we have updated our model to incorporate the better than expected results. Revenue and EBITDA were 4% and 13% above our expectations respectively, resul Télécharger
05/02/2021 FY 20: performance beyond full-year guidance Télécharger
10/11/2020 9m 20: results in line with 9m19 but cautious guidance for FY20 Télécharger
29/07/2020 H1 20: in for a Danish treat Télécharger
27/07/2020 Fine-tuning the model prior to H1 results Télécharger
14/05/2020 Q1 20: lower result but good shareholder remuneration ahead Télécharger
24/03/2020 We have updated our model with the FY19 results. The company performed better than we had anticipated, especially in Turkey, where we priced in the impact of the country's economic strains and devalua Télécharger
06/03/2020 FY19: profits higher than our conservative projections Télécharger
18/02/2020 FY19: stability despite the Turkish burden Télécharger
20/12/2019 When cement goes green too Télécharger
11/12/2019 In our opinion, the 300bp EBITDA margin improvement by 2022 as well as the back-ended green capex should drive EPS higher as soon as 2020, compared to our previous assumptions. Cementir remains a stro Télécharger
15/11/2019 Priority to organic growth Télécharger
02/08/2019 Value in white Télécharger
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