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Acquisitions and new management ensure growth but financing still a headache
Potentiel 26,4 %
Cours (€) 0,00
Capi (M€) 9,63
Perf. 1S: -23,1 %
Perf. 1M: 0,00 %
Perf. 3M: 42,9 %
Perf Ytd: 100 %
Perf. relative/stoxx600 10j: 1,61 %
Perf. relative/stoxx600 20j: 1,05 %
Target Change28/09/2022

Costly financing cuts the target price

Changement d’Objectif de cours€ 0,14 vs 0,40-66,0 %

In the aftermath of last week's developments on equity line financing, we have updated our model. The massive dilution resulted in a 3x increase in the number of outstanding shares. We are expecting the financing woes to continue into next year, and have hence downgraded our target price.

Changement d’EPS2022 : € -0,01 vs -0,02ns
2023 : € -0,01 vs -0,03ns

The dilution as a result of the conversion of the bonds (NEGMA OCABSA) into shares had a significant impact on our EPS forecast as the conversion created 70.8 million shares.

Changement de NAV€ 0,27 vs 0,83-67,2 %

The downgrade in the NAV is also explained by the increase in the number of outstanding shares. We are not expecting a very immediate recovery in NAV.

Changement de DCF€ 0,22 vs 0,66-67,3 %

The downward change in DCF is also explained by the massive dilution. However, for FY2023, our forecast takes into account the assumption of the sale of a floater technology. This could give a significant boost to next year's cash flow.