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Zeneo, an automatic, single-use needle-free injection device was originally developed within Laboratoires Fournier in its « drug delivery » division, together with SNPE (Société Nationale des Poudres et Explosifs, which is a shareholder of Crossject). In 2001, the technology was sold to the newly-created Crossject. GSK was originally the main partner of Crossject, with a view to developing a solution for its vaccines. This market was ultimately considered as too risky in terms of investment needs, low margins and the high volumes required and so Crossject was restructured in 2011-13, with a change in the group’s strategy: the goal of Crossject is no longer to sell a device to the Big Pharmas to market their own chemical entities, but to provide the market with its own pre-filled devices, on the basis of New Therapeutic Entities, using a known drug with an innovative delivery system. An industrial partnership has also been signed with Cenexi in 2016 (aseptic filling and final packaging). Today, the Zeneo device is protected by over 400 patents in countries covering 80% of the global market (including the US, Europe and Japan) and valid until 2036.

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